Math TSI (Texas Success Initiative) exam course will teach the following:

I. Introduction to the Math TSI Exam

A. Overview of the Math TSI exam

B. Importance of the Math TSI exam for college readiness

C. Exam format and structure

II. Algebraic Reasoning

A. Linear equations and inequalities

B. Systems of linear equations

C. Quadratic equations and functions

D. Exponents and radicals

E. Polynomials and rational expressions

III. Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics

A. Arithmetic operations and properties

B. Ratios, proportions, and percentages

C. Probability and statistics

D. Descriptive statistics and data interpretation

IV. Geometry and Measurement

A. Properties and relationships of geometric figures

B. Coordinate geometry

C. Measurement concepts (area, volume, perimeter)

D. Trigonometry basics

V. Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

A. Application of mathematical concepts to real-world scenarios

B. Analyzing and solving word problems

C. Identifying and applying appropriate problem-solving strategies

VI. Test-Taking Strategies and Practice

A. Familiarization with the exam format and question types

B. Time management techniques

C. Effective guessing strategies

D. Practice tests and exercises to reinforce concepts and skills

VII. Review and Reinforcement

A. Comprehensive review of key math concepts

B. Identification and addressing of individual areas of weakness

C. Practice problems and exercises targeting specific topics

VIII. Mock Exams and Performance Evaluation

A. Simulated Math TSI exams to assess readiness

B. Detailed feedback and analysis of performance

C. Targeted review based on mock exam results

IX. Test Day Preparation

A. Test day guidelines and procedures

B. Managing test anxiety and stress

C. Final tips and strategies for success

X. Resources and Support

A. Recommended textbooks and study materials

B. Online resources, practice tests, and tutorials

C. Academic support services available for additional assistance

Course Content