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With R & R Studies, you don’t have to be a registered student at any school district. Anyone is welcomed to our site and our tools to continue their education. R & R was created to bring education to those that are not able to have access to a classroom, have already passed the time for a school environment, or would want to try to do home schooling but want access to better resources online. We pride ourselves in bringing resources that are designed for specifics exams directly to anyone with the passion and drive to learn more. 

R & R Studies prep work
There are people on this earth that would come to you specifically for what you're able to bring to this world

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Course Features

Exam scores

We improve the exam scores for other ISD's. The same material that has been proven to increase exam scores are being offered to anyone willing to learn with nothing taken away

Learn At Your Own Pace

Our features include learning at your own pace. We don't force you to do anything you don't want to learn. Learn what you want, when you want, and how you want with our tutor services

Professional Certification

At the end of each course we will supply a certification for completing our course. Our degree ensures that you have completed the required course work to learn each subject.

Designed for all levels

Our courses don't have any requirements to start. Any student at any age can take any exam to either learn a new skill, refresh your memory, or to come back to at a later date.

hands-on learning

Our features include exams that you would see at during the exam and at the way the exam would be presented to you. The practice allows the you to be more comfortable when it's time.

Power of community

Our content has been created with each member in our community input. This site doesn't exist without our community and was created to improve our scores

Who We Are

Our Vision & Value

Empower the community, empower your own life

We aim to improve our education, our students, our teachers, and parents. We strive to empower the teacher to easily understand our content to better prepare the student. We provide resources and guides to allow even a parent with no to little knowledge to be able to quickly read our notes and understand what it is the student is learning and why our study guides are needed to improve your kids intellect. When we have more students that understand basic subjects, the brighter our future.


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We understand that we are all interconnected to each other. We want to increase our education to allow a more educated and respected community. We want to empower our community to bring more out of our universe by being able to accomplish more, brighter things in life and that all starts with you! Welcome to our R & R family